About Us

Boutique Fan is a new online store dedicated to selling fashion clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes, etc. We started in July 2018 with the vision of growing up as a big store. Luis Legarda is the founder and CEO from Boutique Fan. Luis is an engineer working for Compu Mecanic born in Mexico, in the state of Chihuahua and loves to create new things that can inspire other people, to better up life stand. Right now, he spends his time building websites and helping companies to better up their marketing department, mostly in Mexico but also in the United States.

Boutique Fan comes up with the idea of helping companies in the United States and China to sell their products and connecting with other people, so they can get to know these incredible products. Boutique Fan which is established and manage from Mexico, in the State of Chihuahua, has the vision to help people from getting better prices and better products, and the best of all, to bring all the items to the front of your house.

Boutique Fan partners with companies established in the United States and China, we try to sell quality products always taking care of our customers. We try the best choosing great products, not only to sell but to make a difference in your life, we have the vision to increase your quality life by using our products. As I said, we do not get a satisfaction on just selling you our products, but we get satisfaction by knowing our products are making a difference in your life.


Luis Legarda